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The Big Easy Express

Outright made me cry. 

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Pretty Lights

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Patrick Watson at Luminato 

Hahahaha as if this entire thing is on the interweb already. I just experienced this less than 2 hours ago. Right up in that front and centre. Probably the best thing I’ve ever been immersed in. He is seriously the most perfect person in the whole world. 

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So my next step in the path out of university is makin’ one a them ‘demo reels’… I heard they spose to be useful or somethin’. Not quite sure what they are, but here’s some shots and stuff with music. Hope it’s somewhat enjoyable and that it will cause many hirings.

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Artist statements, research, scripts, to do lists etc

Text 8 Apr Process Doc Snippets

This is all from the Process Document which show a much more in depth view on my process. 

Sequence 1: Childhood. Two people meet. A boy and a girl, (Red coat boy and blonde curly girl) The story insinuates that it is going to happen. It’s about home, and missing it’s comforts. It’s about trying to hold on to something and the definitive outcome that you drift away from it. But you’re supposed to drift away. Keeping something like home and childhood as an unchanging piece of data is unnatural. Change is inevitable, memory is natural, data is not.

Sequence 2: The man cannot stop thinking about a woman. He constantly is stuck in a loop of remembering her as happy and loving while in reality they’re drifting away and she is becoming sick. He becomes consumed with the memory machine, spending more time with it than any other aspect of life. He is fighting the loss of memory. It takes over. The girl dies and he is left with nothing.

Sequence 3: A representation of nothingness, the void, what is left of this man when he has lost all of his memories.



  • Teacher: Standing in front of a class. Plato quote is written on the board.

“Pay attention. Life is a delicate edge of a closing door’s shadow. With clocklike inevitability, you drift away.”

  • Man with photograph: Sitting at a desk illuminated by a single light. Holding an old photograph. (First person POV)

“We are not eternal. Our permanence evades us. Time is movement in all places, And each person who gets stuck in time, gets stuck alone.”

  • Lover: Lying in bed in the morning, sunlight streaming in. Points to heart at the word this.

“Remember me, only. As anything but a whisper and an empty shell. Remember this always.”

  • Friend: Lying on back, looking at clouds

Could it be the firmness of the past is just an illusion? It is a fleeting dream, captured on this screen. A shape in the clouds.

  • Children:  In school, while playing together.

“We are spectators of our lives, waiting for a day we remember in the future.

Living through these photocopies.”

  • Grandmother: Sitting at a table.

“To bind an emotion is unthinkable. To hold fast an instant is unimaginable. You cannot pinch a raindrop as it falls.That eternity is fixed and frozen. Like a butterfly mounted in a cage.”



  1. The warmth of this place deceives me and fills my bones instead with a chill. Like a cold draft sweeping through my heart. My mother floats on the edge of vision but I cannot see her face. Home will always be here.

  2. To be a person you have to exist in a dimension of time

  3. You cannot live eternally in a moment.

  4. You’ve walked down this path before. Which way did you go? You will drift away from here.

  5. Life is a delicate edge of a closing doors shadow. With clocklike inevitability you drift away.

  6. That’s what they’ll be saying next. Not mother, but them? Everybody else? It was still not possible to think about her father without the danger of tears.

  7. Home is where the heart is.

  8. But what do you think that might mean?

  9. Nothing ruffled the serenity of expression

  10. If something is inevitable it means it’s going to happen. Inevitable means there’s no doubt about it, it’s going to happen.

  11. So life, does life continue forever? Our life? Each person’s life? You go to heaven. Well for different reasons but, you drift away.

  12. We are spectators of our lives. Living through these photographs. Waiting for a day we remember in the future.

  13. Waiting for a day you remember in the future.

  14. You drift away, nobody’s permanent.



    The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this system. Use the UP and DOWN thought paths to select an item in the list.

    - To create a partition in the unpartitioned space, input C.

    - To view the selected partition, input V.

    34766 MB Disk at Id on bus 0 atapi {MBR}

    C: Partition CHILDHOOD [Years-17-13-5-3]

    [Time- 7:00 am-3:00pm] 16387 MB <1479 MB free>

    F: Partition ADULTHOOD [Years-20-21-33-42]

    [Time-4:00pm -8:00pm]

    ERROR- System default triggered. Unable to process request.

    [Last date modified - 04/18/2024

    [User adjusted thought channels - VOICE]

    Initializing default. C: Partition CHILDHOOD [Years-17-13-5-3]

    [Time- 7:00 am-3:00pm]


    Corrupt Memory Cards.

    0.8 additional files rendered defective

    Initializing System Reboot

    Input thought process ESC to Cancel



    ·         Our lives are the sum of our memories.

    Wouldn’t you like to be an extension of the mental self?

    Compress time and space in a way that you can transport yourself between planes of existence with the touch of a button!

    Constantly generate and centrally store the evidence of your existence as natural data!

    Live forever, transcend time, be everlasting.

    Scopophilia, Capture and own reality

    Own, think and be something static, eternal and permanent.


    *Place this sound over footage of sitting in the machine.


    Part 1: Ages 23, 24

    August 8th, 2015

    My name is ————-. I work for the Essence Corporation as a memory junkie, logging my thoughts to test out this revolutionary machine that’s about to hit the market.

    December 31, 2015

    I’m finding I have much more space in my head to focus on other things now. Like being with her. We’re going to a company New Years celebration tonight, Essence is now available to the public!

    September 28, 2016

    After the first year, my childhood memories are still more vibrant than everything else. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t start inputting my experiences until now. I actually lived every moment as a kid instead of spending it in here.


    Part 2: Ages, 28, 29, 31, 34, 37

    January 23, 2020

    As I become more and more immersed within this machine I’ve begun to notice I’m losing natural memory. To remember my life without this device seems impossible. As I float above my soul and gaze at my surroundings I find it distressing to discover I’m blind. I’m grasping at some forgotten nothingness.. and it saddens me immensely.

    November 24th, 2021

    I’m starting to realize she’s right. The beauty of a moment is the profound stillness of being in movement. We can’t live eternally through this because a moment cannot be captured. Memory exists in time, changing as the body changes, and digital memory always remains precisely as it was. It’s just… data. It’s not.. right.

    July 6th, 2023

         Without control I’m lost. I’m searching for time and it’s spiralling faster and then slower away. I can no longer trust myself to remember. I sit obsessively in this machine, day to day just trying to locate the missing part of myself.

    May 4th, 2026

    I’ve lost her. I’ve lost everything. These images flood before me as a reminder of my empty life. I can already feel my memory of her soft skin slipping away to nothing.


    Part 3: Ages 42, 44, 51,

    April 26th, 2031

    I’ve got to put a stop to this project. I can’t let more people get a hold of this technology… We must restrict the public from further access.

    June 25, 2043

    It’s the same thing every time I sit down. The same images flashing before me as a constant drone of make belief sound floods my ears. I can’t decipher it. I’ve tried before but I can’t make any meaning. What is it I’m trying to remember? To capture, to search for? Who is this girl I keep seeing? My thoughts, this voice of a younger man, is becoming unfamiliar. Is it me? My mind is blank. When I first step into this box and light finally penetrates my dark thoughts it stuns my eyes. I long for colour. For vibrancy. As it materializes before me its unnatural brightness begins to blind me. I cower from the very thing I’d brought upon myself. I can tell this is not my life I’m watching. It’s too broken. It spins out of control like an endless carnival ride whipping through time. The images fool me with their beauty. With sunlight that will never warm my skin. Love that will never be felt. God I wish I hadn’t filed it all away. Who am I.. and.. what am I left with?

    December 7, 2047

    Everything has dissolved into the intangibility of the system. My existence has been meaningless from the first thought I extracted. The first moment I.. let go.


Text 8 Apr Bio

Emily is a video and sound artist working to creatively explore the complicated relationship between humans and technology by combining storytelling, experimental film, and audio production. She has sufficient experience in each of these fields doing freelance cinematography and editing, as well as creating soundscapes and installations in New Media. She plans to work as a sound designer, videographer, and editor.

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